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Stay updated on the latest from Daihong, with exciting offers waiting for you to take the wheel.

Daihong Double Tenth Celebration - Rent a car for only 1010 NT dollars!
Big news! The all-new "Lazy Camper" by Daihong is now available, and you can enjoy exclusive deals starting from just **80 NT dollars!

Popular Car Models

Choose Daihong for the ultimate car rental experience. Find your perfect vehicle now!


Daihong Car Rental Unveils New Arrival – The Reigning Champion in Light Commercial Vehicles

TOWN ACE VAN Entertainment, Business, Passenger, and Cargo Transport
Discount price: $1980/$1880


Lazy Camping Van: TownAce, Newly Launched!
Ideal for Couples, Besties, Families – Your Top Choice for Outings!

Honda Odyssey

Newest Additions to Daihong Car Rental Fleet
Luxurious Seven-Seater for Supreme Enjoyment

Daihong Car Rental

Daihong Car Rental not only aims to provide the most attentive service but also prioritizes your safety with strict measures. Renowned in the industry, trust Daihong for all your car rental needs. With Daihong, your best choice is assured.

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