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Car Rental Notes

⚠️ The renter must be at least "20 years old" and have held a "valid driver's license" for more than one year. They must present a Republic of China ID card and a personal valid driver's license (for foreigners, a valid IDP international driving permit*, local driver's license, passport, VISA/MASTER/JCB credit card, visa, residence permit, or entry and exit documentation are required).
⚠️ Our company reserves the right to make the final rental decision.
⚠️ The rental fee includes compulsory insurance. If additional coverage is needed, extra vehicle insurance must be purchased separately.
⚠️ Eating betel nuts and smoking in the vehicle are prohibited. Violators will be charged an additional cleaning fee of 800 to 1500 yuan.
⚠️ Our vehicles are only allowed to be driven on general roads. Off-roading, river tracing, and other recreational activities are prohibited. Otherwise, compensation for damages will be required.
⚠️ For extensions, advance inquiry and notification are required. If it affects the next customer, compensation for business loss, rental fee, and vehicle reallocation costs must be paid.
⚠️ The vehicle's height is two meters, please do not challenge the limits.

  • Weekdays are defined as Monday to Thursday and Sunday after 6 PM.
  • Holidays are defined as Friday to Sunday, before 5:59 PM.
  • National holidays and the day before.
  • Issuing an invoice will incur a 5% tax charge.
  • The daily mileage limit is 400 km, with a surcharge of 5 yuan per kilometer for exceeding the limit.
  • Full tank out, full tank return. If the fuel level is not met, charges will apply according to the rate table.
  • The pick-up and return time is from 10 AM to 8:15 PM.
  • A pet-friendly vehicle model incurs a cleaning fee of 500 NT dollars. In cases of defecation, urination, or other forms of dirtiness, an additional disinfection and grooming fee of 2000-3000 NT dollars will be charged. Any other damages will be assessed and charged based on the situation.
  • Security deposit of NT$10,000.
  • The deposit will be refunded after the return of the vehicle, once it is confirmed that both the vehicle and any additional equipment are undamaged and without malfunction.

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