Honda Fit

Automatic Transmission
5 persons (4 doors)
NT$ 3,200
NT$ 1,600
NT$ 1,750

Car Rental Notes

  1. Customers who book a car using our company's reservation system must agree to pay a deposit for the booked vehicle (the deposit is 30% of the total amount). Additionally, the lessee should proactively provide their payment information along with their name and phone number. The reservation is only considered complete upon receipt of the order confirmation returned by the store.
  2. To ensure the security of your credit card transactions, our company has established regulations that require the person making the reservation to match the lessee's information and provide the same identification and driver's license when processing the car rental procedures.
  3. If the lessee wishes to extend the rental period, please notify our company at least three days in advance of the pickup time. Our company will retain the deposit for 30 days (counted from the pickup date). After 30 days or during the Chinese New Year period, our company regrets to inform that no refunds or extensions will be accepted.
  4. If the lessee fails to inform the company in advance and does not pick up the vehicle within 1 hour of the scheduled time, it will be considered as a waiver, and the deposit will be forfeited. The company reserves the right to re-rent the vehicle to others.
  5. If you have any questions, please contact the Provincial Reservation Center at 0800-210-369.

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